Division of Biology and Medicine
Department of Neuroscience


Neuroscience research at Brown is dynamic and collaborative, spanning departments across the clinical and basic sciences and integrating knowledge across many fields of inquiry.

Research Areas

Areas of Focus and Excellence

Projects in cellular and molecular neurobiology range from basic science investigations of development, function, and maintenance of synapses to translational research focused on neurodegenerative disease and aging.
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Innovation in cognition and behavior intersects with basic science research in human brain function and clinical work in psychiatry at Brown’s affiliated hospitals.
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Research in computation in brain and mind brings together theorists and experimentalists in an effort to understand fundamental brain and cognitive processes.
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Faculty are unravelling the mysteries of neural circuits, using genetic and electrophysiological approaches to explore brain development and function in health and disease.
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Brown is a global leader in neurotechnology and neuroengineering research with a history of pioneering work in brain-machine interface technology.
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Research Networks and Collaborators

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Research Infrastructure

Research Centers and Facilities

Faculty in Neuroscience are partners in a range of clinical and research efforts focused on causes and treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.
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Brown's network of research service centers provide critical resources to life scientists--from state-of-the art facilities and instrumentation to technical support and training.
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Research Impact

Neuroscience Research in the News

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