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Department of Neuroscience

Neuroscience at Brown

The Department of Neuroscience is a community of scholars dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in research and teaching.

Fueling Scientific Discovery

Neuroscientists at Brown are advancing knowledge of the nervous system at all levels of inquiry--from genes, molecules, and cells to neural networks and behavior.


Neuroscience research at Brown is dynamic and collaborative, spanning departments across the clinical and basic sciences and integrating knowledge across many fields of inquiry.

Accelerating Promise

Faculty in neuroscience are training the next generation of scholars while inspiring would-be scientists to join their ranks.

Through undergraduate study in neuroscience, students develop a foundational knowledge of nervous system function and disease.

Graduate study in neuroscience is designed to educate and train scientists who will become leaders in the field and contribute to society through research, teaching, and professional service.
The Department of Neuroscience at Brown strives to be an inclusive and equitable environment for faculty, students, and staff.

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