Division of Biology and Medicine
Department of Neuroscience


The Department of Neuroscience at Brown strives to be an inclusive and equitable environment for faculty, students, and staff.

The Neuroscience department at Brown is committed to centering efforts towards diversity, equity and inclusion in all our teaching, mentoring and research. This is grounded in our knowledge that the best science requires an inclusive environment, and that long-standing biases exist in STEM that negatively impact members of our community and science as a whole. Thus, we strive to be a community in which a diverse set of thoughts, perspectives and experiences are valued. One where anybody, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, age, body size and ability feels that they are welcome here and belong here.

We believe that everyone here should have a seat at the table and be given the opportunity to bring out their best in an environment where an individual’s strengths and specific challenges are recognized, and where as a community we work towards elevating every individual while collectively lowering barriers that impede them. We are a community committed to educating ourselves, to learning about and from each other, and to openly discussing biases, barriers and inequities that some of us may face, while committing ourselves to recognizing and eliminating them. We are committed to bringing this effort of equity-mindedness to our research laboratories, our classrooms, our meetings and our social events. In instances where we fail to do so, we commit to accepting feedback, learning from our mistakes and working to improve. We are also committed to actively combating racism and racist practices, advocating for and bringing about institutional change, and serving as a role model for the rest of the university. You are welcome here!

Campus Resources

Our campus partners support diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of University life.

The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) helps lead inclusion efforts across campus through programming and oversight of policies and procedures related to diversity and inclusion.
The Title IX and Gender Equity Office provides resources on assault prevention, education, reporting, and other matters of sexual and gender-based harassment.
SAS coordinates and facilitates services for students (including graduate students) and visitors with medical, physical, psychological, and learning disabilities.
The Initiative to Maximize Student Development at Brown provides research training support for students in underrepresented groups to significantly increase the participation of these groups within the fields of biomedical, behavioral and physical sciences.

Campus Community

Across campus, you'll find organizations dedicated to building a more inclusive and diverse community - at Brown and beyond.