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Kathryn Russo

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Undergraduate Institution

Temple University

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Research Description

I am working under the mentorship of Dr. Kristi Wharton for my PhD. I work with Drosophila melanogaster as a model for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Presentations and Posters

SLEEP Conference, Poster session 2016
Denver, Colorado
“Apnea Burden: A Decision Analysis Framework for Extending Coverage to PAP-users not Meeting Standard Compliance Criteria”
Russo, K., Bianchi, M.T.

Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Day, Poster Presentation 2015
Boston, MA
“At-Home Sleep Phenotyping: Sleep Apnea and Beyond”
Russo, K., Goparaju, B., Bianchi MT

Harvard Sleep Day, Poster Presentation 2015 Boston, MA
“Consumer Sleep Monitor Based Feedback for Insomnia: Randomized X-Over Pilot Study”
Russo, K., and Bianchi, MT

Harvard Sleep Day, Poster Presentation 2015 Boston, MA
“Exploring the sleep misperception phenotype”
Bianchi, M.T., Saline, A., Goparaju, B., Russo, K.

Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference, Poster Presentation 2014 Boston, MA
“Everyday objects vary in their social potential”
Russo, K., Troiani, V., Brooks, R., Olson, I.R.


Nature and Science of Sleep, “Big data in sleep medicine: prospects and pitfalls in phenotyping”
Bianchi, M.T., Russo, K., Gabbidon, H., Smith, T., Gopuraju, B., Westover, M.

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, “How reliable is self-reported body position during sleep?”
Russo, K., Bianchi, M.T.

Nature and Science of Sleep, “Consumer sleep monitors: is there a baby in the bathwater?”
Russo, K., Goparaju B., Bianchi, M.T.

Psychological Science, ”Sustained attention across the lifespan in a sample of 10,000: Dissociating ability and strategy”
Fortenbaugh F., DeGutis, J., Germine L., Wilmer, J., Grosso M., Russo, K., Esterman, M.


Hobbies and Outside Interests