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Hyeyoung Shin

Student Profile

I studied biotechnology at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. During my time as an undergraduate, I spent a year doing study abroad at University of California, Berkeley. At Berkeley, I was a research assistant in the computational cognitive science lab of Dr. Tom Griffiths, a lab that focuses in using Bayesian paradigm to model cognitive processes. The exposure to cognitive science as a student in life sciences lead me to pursue research of perception and cognition using biological approaches. Here at Brown, I am sudying perceptual processes in the vibrissae sensory system of the mouse, with the guidance of Dr. Christopher Moore. In addition, I am highly interested in using biophysically realistic computational models to better understand network level interactions between neurons involved in perceptual processing, under the guidance of Dr. Stephanie Jones.

Undergraduate Institution

Yonsei University, B.E., 2013

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Research Description

I am currently focusing on conducting chronic extracellular electrophysiology on mice performing a detection task of vibrissae stimulation. The task involves stimuli of varying amplitudes, allowing me to probe the entire span of the psychophysical curve. I am specifically interested in investigating the role of gamma oscillations on neocortical processing during perceptual threshold level trials. For this purpose, I am conducting simultaneous recordings in primary (S1) and secondary (S2) somatosensory areas of the neocortex.

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