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Eric Klein

Student Profile

As an undergraduate I worked with Dr. Mark Mazurek studying psychometric responses to a dot-motion discrimination task. I also completed research in various behavioral areas with: Dr. Aaron Richmond (educational psychology); Dr. Lesley Hathorn, Dr. Lisa Badanes, and Dr. Chad Mortensen (social psychology); Dr. C. Cooley (ecology); and Dr. Robert Hancock (animal behavior).

After earning a B.S. in Biology and Psychology from MSU Denver, I worked with Dr. Zoe Donaldson at the University of Colorado, Boulder - assisting in research of pair-bonding using the prairie vole model organism.

I first became interested in neurosciences when I learned about the progress recently made in the area of brain machine interfaces (e.g., BrainGate), and I have been fascinated ever since. As a non-traditional student, working at institutions that encourage diversity among students has always been important to me. Thus for me, having found a home at Brown was an incredibly fortunate fit.

Undergraduate Institution

Metropolitan State University of Denver

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Research Description

My research interests lie in the neurodynamic processing of perception, motivation, and how hemo-neural/neuro-vascular coupling affects these dynamics. A particular focus of my current work deals with brain-barrier properties, and how fluctuations in the permeability of these barriers can affect the excitability of local cells, and circuits.

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Hobbies and Outside Interests

When enjoying time at home, I may be playing various instruments, reading papers, making mead, or cuddling with my three dogs.