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Amanda Duffy

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I am from Boston, MA and completed my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Brown University. As an undergrad, I studied the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease and aging in both Dr. Carmela Abraham's lab at Boston University School of Medicine as well as at Rhode Island Hospital for my senior neuroscience honors thesis in Dr. John Donahue's lab.
In Dr. Abraham's lab, I worked on various projects including the development of a chemiluminescent molecular tool to quantify extracellular secreted klotho protein, a protein implicated in protection against aging-related diseases.
For my senior thesis at Brown, "The Relationship between Apolipoprotein E Genotype and B-Amyloid Transporter Proteins within the Blood-Brain Barrier in Regard to Alzheimer's Disease," I measured protein levels of LRP-1, RAGE, and alpha-2-macroglobulin in the autopsied prefrontal cortices of healthy humans and Alzheimer's disease humans with varying ApoE genotypes. I found that Alzheimer's disease humans had a greater ratio of RAGE:LRP-1 than healthy humans, and this effect was heightened by the presence of the ApoE4 allele.
After graduation, I worked as a Research Coordinator/Research Assistant for two years at Massachusetts General Hospital. I coordinated the Controlled Trial for Deep Brain Stimulation for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder under Dr. Darin Dougherty, and conducted fMRI neuroimaging research on bipolar disorder under Dr. Thilo Deckersbach. My experience at MGH rounded my research exposure by giving me the clinical perspective that I wanted before pursuing graduate school.
As a graduate student, I am working in Dr. Justin Fallon's lab where I am studying synaptic stability and how it could relate to potential therapeutics for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Undergraduate Institution

Brown University

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Presentations and Posters

• Duffy, A., Rodman, A., Chou, T., Peckham, A., Hay, A., Peters, A., Ariel, A., Martowski, J., Nierenberg, A., Rauch, S., Dougherty, D., & Deckersbach, T. Emotional Context and Attentional Dysfunction in Bipolar Disorder: An fMRI Study. Poster presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts General Hospital Scientific Advisory Committee, Boston, MA. 2011.

• Campos M, Camacho J, Duffy A, Gale J, Niemi S, Dougherty D, Eskandar E. “PET Imaging of Rhesus Monkeys with OCD-Like Behaviors.” Poster presented at The Society for Neuroscience. San Diego, CA, 2010

• Donahue J, Duffy A, Lim J, Miller M. “Influence of Apolipoprotein E Genoytpe on RAGE expression in Alzheimer’s Disease.” Poster Presented at The American Association of Neuropathologists Inc. San Antonio, TX, 2009


Hubel, D.H., Howe, P.D.L., Duffy, A.M., Hernandez, A. "Scotopic Foveal Afterimages." Perception. (2009)


Brown Internship Award Program grant for my research at Boston University School of Medicine (Summer 2008)

Hobbies and Outside Interests

I love exploring new areas, hiking, reading, playing jazz piano, spending time with my wonderful family and friends, and cooking up new recipes with my husband, Max.