Neuroscience Graduate Program Seminar Series

NSGP Speaker Series Schedule


Live Streaming of the NSGP Seminar Series is now available to the Brown Community on Panopto, please click on the icon below for access. Be sure to check the "Show scheduled recordings" box to see upcoming seminars.

Note: All of the listed events take place at 4:00 PM in the Marcuvitz Auditorium of Sidney Frank Hall




Mar 30, 2017Stephen Sheinkopf, PhD; Carlos Aizenman, PhD

Brown University

Bench to Bedside Seminar
Apr 6, 2017S. Robert Datta, MD, PhD

Harvard University

Apr 13, 2017Alexandra Joyner, PhD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Apr 20, 2017Mala Murthy, PhD

Princeton University

Apr 27, 2017Steven Toms, MD, Nikos Tapinos, MD, Amanda Duffy

Brown University

Bench to Bedside: Brain Tumors
May 4, 2017Corey Harwell, PhD

harvard University

May 11, 2017Ulrike Heberlein, PhD

Janelia Research, HHMI

May 18, 2017Earl Miller, PhD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology