Neuroscience Graduate Program - Financial Support

Financial Support

Graduate students in the Brown University Neuroscience Graduate Program or Brown-NIH Graduate Partnership Program have full financial support while their research and academic studies progress satisfactorily. This support includes a competitive stipend, tuition, health insurance, and health service fee.

Neuroscience Graduate Program students are offered of 5 years of support from a combination of sources, which may include:

        • Brown University Division of Biology and Medicine support
        • External predoctoral fellowships NIH, NSF, private foundations such as The Epilepsy Foundation, The American Heart Association.
        • Internal predoctoral fellowships (Sidney E. Frank Foundation, June Rockwell Levy Foundation, Charles Dana Graduate Fellowship, BIBS Graduate Student Awards, Neuroscience Graduate Program).
        • Institutional predoctoral training grants (NIH Jointly sponsored Neuroscience Training Grant, NINDS Institutional training grant, and NIH Eye Institute Training Grant).
        • Faculty sponsorship (Research grants: NIH, NSF, private foundations).

Brown-NIH students are supported by the NIH GPP office for the first two semesters, and subsequently fully supported by their mentors at NIH.