Brown-NIH Neuroscience Graduate Partnership Program - Activities

Graduate Program Activities

A number of special activities and events are integral to graduate training at Brown. 

Graduate Proseminar in Neuroscience (NEUR 2010): This seminar series is intended to expose graduate students to the latest work in key fields of neuroscience. All students must attend these weekly seminars at 4 PM on Thursdays. An informal social with the invited speaker follows the seminar and students are strongly encouraged to attend.

In-House Seminars: Second and fourth year students are required to present their laboratory research as part of the In-House Seminar Series, which takes place at Brown. All first year students are required to attend In House Seminars.

Journal Clubs: Journal Clubs meet regularly to critically discuss and evaluate scientific articles. Students are expected to join one of the ongoing Journal Clubs in order to familiarize themselves with advanced scientific literature in their field of study and cultivate analytical reasoning skills.

Weekly Laboratory Meetings: Every research laboratory conducts weekly meetings and graduate student attendance is required for a passing grade in NEUR2980. Students must inform their advisor if, for any reason, they cannot attend.

Ethics and Skills Workshops: All first year students are required to attend the Ethics and Skills Workshops offered by the Graduate Program as well as a seven week series conducted by the Division of Biology and Medicine. These workshops are designed to foster skills necessary for a successful career in research. As a refresher, fourth year students must take the Brown Ethical and Responsible Conduct of Research Education (BEARCORE) program, offered in January and September each year.