Brown-NIH Neuroscience Graduate Partnership Program - Retreat and Socials

Brown-NIH Neuroscience Graduate Program Retreat

Roughly once every three years, the students and faculty affiliated with the program assemble for a retreat full of talks from students, invited speakers, and social activities. The retreat is a great occasion for exchange of scientific ideas and for the neuroscientists and students at both institutions to get together. The last retreat took place May 2012, at the Marine Biology Laboratory campus in Woods Hole, Massachussetts.

Eel Pond at the MBL in Woods Hole


NIH Graduate Student Retreat
This annual event brings together the entire graduate student community of NIH for a day of talks, career symposia, and social events. One of the highlights of the NIH graduate calendar! Past retreats have taken place at Rocky Gap Resort, the Bethesda headquarters of HHMI, and most recently, at the downtown DC headquarters of the Health and Human Services Department. Click here for info. about past retreats.

Brown-NIH Student Seminar Series
Once a month, the Brown students and program directors at NIH come together over lunch for a student research presentation. This is a great opportunity to practice presenting, keep abreast with the other students' progress, and just stay in touch with the other students on campus.

Wednesday Graduate Student Socials
Every Wednesday, graduate students gather after work at one of their Bethesda haunts for some much-needed social networking and refreshment. This is one of the many events organized by the NIH Graduate Student Council.

At Brown:

Annual Brown Neuroscience Graduate Program Retreat
A full-day retreat is held at the Haffenreffer Estate each year during the week before the start of the fall semester. This forum provides an opportunity to reconnect and exchange ideas across the Neuroscience program. At the beginning of the retreat, a light breakfast is provided and new students and faculty members are introduced to the community.  Subsequently, a series of short research talks are delivered by both faculty members and students. These scientific seminars  are interspersed with opportunities for social interaction, including a much-anticipated annual trivia contest. In the afternoon, lunch is served and an informal poster session allows students to present their most recent work.

The Beach at the Haffenreffer

Neuroscience Graduate Program Socials
Each month a different laboratory in the Neuroscience Graduate Program hosts a Friday social. These socials provide an excellent opportunity for GPP students in their first year at Brown to mingle with department faculty and staff and enjoy some good conversation and refreshments.