Brown-NIH Neuroscience Graduate Partnership Program - Links

Program Links

Brown-NIH Student Seminar Series Schedule - Mandatory monthly meetings where Brown-GPP students present their ongoing research before an audience of their peers and the NIH Partnership Directors.
NIH Graduate Student Handbook - Rules and Regulations that govern all graduate trainees at the NIH.
Brown-NIH Program Handbook - Rules and Regulations that pertain to the Brown-NIH graduate trainees.

Student Listservs

Brown GPP Google Group - email Adrian Bondy to sign up *
Grad Student Underground - email the GSC Co-Chairs with your non-NIH address to sign up *
* These email listservs contain social information and ads relevant to the graduate community - the first concerns only Brown-GPP students and the last is for the general graduate community at the NIH.

NIH Links

NIH ListServs - Important listservs with relevant information for NIH graduate students.
Transitioning to the NIH - Useful information on housing and moving to the NIH and DMV-area at large.
FAES (Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences) Course Catalog
Neuroscience Seminar Series - NIH Neuroscience-wide lectures from prominent Neuroscientists across the U.S. Held weekly from September to June.
Neuroscience @ NIH - Contains information on all the laboratories that investigate Neuroscience-related questions at the NIH.
NIH BRAIN Initiative
NINDS Intramural Research
NIMH Intramural Research
Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE)

Brown Links

Graduate School
Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Institute for Brain Science - Contains information on Neuroscience research laboratories at Brown.
Sheridan Center Certificate Program
Brown University Molecular Neuroscience Journal Club
Center for Vision Research
MRI Research Facility
Enhancing Diversity at Brown

Neuroscience Links

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collection
The Human Brain Project
Neuron Modeling Software
Simulator of Neural Networks and Action Potentials
Jackson Laboratory

Professional Societies/Conferences

Society of Neuroscience
Society of Developmental Biology
Gordon Research Conferences
Vision Sciences Society
Perceptual Expertise Network
Biophysical Society
Society for the Neural Control of Movement
Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Families with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
FRAXA Research Foundation Conference
Cognitive Neuroscience Society
Association for Chemoreception Sciences
Sigma Xi