Welcome to the Fallon Lab

Our lab is developing a novel therapy for muscular dystrophy and is also investigating the mechanistic basis of Fragile X syndrome and autism.


Why do we study Muscular Dystrophy and Fragile X Syndrome?

Almost all cells must establish, maintain and modulate highly specialized, spatially restricted domains that mediate interaction with neighboring cells and the extracellular environment. The preeminent example of such specialized domains are synapses – the sites of information exchange and storage in the nervous system. In muscle, the cell membrane is exquisitely specialized to transmit force from the cell interior to the extracellular matrix. Fragile X syndrome and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy are devastating diseases that strike in childhood. Both disorders are due to defective organization and regulation the specializations that allow cell-cell and cell-matrix communication. We seek to understand the basic biology of these specializations and apply this knowledge to crafting therapies for these diseases.








A cultured hippocampal neuron during synapse formation