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Patrick Bedard

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Patrick Bedard

Title: Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Department: Department of Neuroscience

+1 401 863 1258

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After completing a PhD at the Université de Montréal in Kinesiology, I came to Brown to study how the brain controls movements and how it learns new ones using mostly fMRI. I am very interested in better understanding how motor memories are formed and kept in long-term memory.

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Selected Publications

  • Bédard P, Thangaval A & Sanes JN (2008). Gaze influences finger movement-related and visual-related activation across the human brain. Experimental Brain Research 188(1): 63-75.(2008)
  • Bédard P & Sanes JN (2008). Gaze and hand position effects on finger-movement related human brain activation. Journal of Neurophysiology.(2008)
  • Bédard P & Proteau L (2005). Movement planning of a video and of manual aiming movements. Spatial Vision 18(3): 275-296.(2005)
  • Bédard P & Proteau L (2004). On-line vs. off-line utilization of peripheral visual afferent information to ensure spatial accuracy of goal-directed movements. Experimental Brain Research 158(1):75-85.(2004)
  • Bédard P, Proteau L (2003). On the role of peripheral visual afferent information for the control of rapid video-aiming movements. Acta Psychologica (Ams) 113(1): 99-117.(2003)
  • Bédard P, Proteau L (2001). On the role of static and dynamic visual afferent information in goal-directed aiming movements. Experimental Brain Research 138(4): 419-431.(2001)